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The business and investment company, DEVELOPMENT HOUSE INC, has been founded by an association of professional and highly qualified experts operating globally, for the purpose of consulting and assistance to natural persons or legal entities, who would like to invest or take part in investment and profitable projects. this is implemented within the borders of our internal strategy and policy.


It is not simple to create a good or extensive project. It requires a combination of different companies and partners participating in the creation of a high quality project. Our company will help you without any problems and will always try to find the best quality variant which is the cheapest one at the same time. Our team of collaborators has already created a number of projects, therefore we belong to the significant companies on the market.


In the current financially challenging times, you can find two types of businesses when looking at investments. The first one is a business with a great idea, however, with lack of funds, or the opposite, a business with abundant idle capital but lack of time to invest the funds appropriately and wisely. Therefore, we have the company DEVELOPMENT HOUSE INC, which thanks to its broad portfolio of partners is able to mediate investments and connect partners all around the world, or to provide advice on investment thanks to the suitably applied statistic methods.


As any large and significant company, we have our own strategy, we strictly adhere to. Successful negotiation with our clients and partners is based on the features such as helpfulness, directness, honesty and communication at a high level. That is the corner-stone of a long-term and successful cooperation between our company and our partners. All these features help us to achieve satisfaction in our clients and move us forward in any indicators, such as the company growth, prosperity and profitability.



Address: DEVELOPMENT HOUSE INC, Company Services Ltd of Suite 15, 1st Floor Oliaji Trade Centre, Francis Rachel Street, P.O.Box 1004, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles, Company No.: 063591